What’s your story?


‘In the story called life

We are the stories we write

And everybody loves a good story


We look for the narrative of your business, help you find new plots, new chapters and improve communications.

Oke, but what is business development?

Business development is a field in which the possibilities of business growth in the long term are explored. Sounds vague. I know. It is. Let us try to be more specific.

The reason that there is a field that is called Business Development is that it is a much needed function within a company. Marketing and Sales are often short term thinkers. Business Development is focused on looking further ahead to create opportunities in the long term.

Looking further ahead.

To know what Business Development is, it is also important to know what Business Development is not. Business Development is more than sales. Of course, in both cases you are looking for new customers. But with Business Development you are busy finding new opportunities that go beyond that one customer.

Sales departments are not accustomed to the acquisition of large customers. Because it requires a different approach. Sales are often focused on the short term, while Business Development focuses on the long term.

The difference is in the way in which sales is organized and most important: in the approach.

The difference is in the approach.

Business Development is about tapping into new markets, while sales focuses on bringing in specific new customers.

Or in our words: sales is another sentence, Business Development is a whole new chapter, or, sometimes, even a new book.

Mistoria sees new possibilities. New products, new services, new markets, new customers, new combinations and new partners.

You create new markets by entering into partnerships. Mistoria is all about new, about the new you, about opportunities, about adding to the story of your business.

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